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Welcome!  I am excited that you have chosen to visit my site! Here's a little about me.....
I am a Registered Nurse, with 50 years experience in a variety of healthcare settings, focusing on the wellness of employee populations for many of these years. I have worked extensively in the fields of Mental Health, Work Injury Management, and Palliative/End of Life Care. I have developed and managed programs that have impacted the wellness of multiple diverse populations.
Dana Coupland  RN CMI
Integrative Health/Ecotherapy
Reconnecting Mind, Body, and Spirit with Nature...Counseling/Plant Medicine, Transformation/Retreat Workshops/Creativity/Action
I am an Energy Medicine Practitioner, and a Certified Medical Intuitive.  

My passion is to guide individuals to their wisdom of self, their Eco-awakening, to their true path in life, and to walk with them as they discover their own passion...empowering action and transformation at the soul level.

I ask only that you come as you are as we start the journey together...aligning and balancing the mind, body, and spirit as your own truth unfolds! 

I live on a beautiful 10 acre forested property on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada....where we hold weekend retreat workshops, provide 1:1 as well as group counseling, Forest Bathing/Walks, and  Ecotherapy. I also serve people through video and telephone sessions....

I look forward to meeting and being inspired by you!



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270 West Eagle Drive,

Salt Spring Island, BC

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