About Dana

Welcome!  I am excited that you have chosen to visit my site! Here's a little about me.....
I am a Certified Occupational Health Nurse with 48 years experience in a variety of healthcare settings, focusing on the wellness of employee populations for many of these years. I have worked extensively in the fields of Mental Health, Work Injury Management, and End of Life Care. I have developed and managed programs that have impacted the wellness of multiple diverse populations.
Dana Coupland  RN, COHN, CMI
Integrative Health/Ecotherapy
Reconnecting Mind, Body, and Spirit with Nature...Counseling/Plant Medicine, Transformation/Retreat Workshops/Creativity/Action
For more than the last decade, I have studied with Kim Seer, internationally renowned Healer and Sangoma,(kimseer.com), to become one of her Master Teachers, and Certified Medical Intuitive. My work and learning continues with her today. I am also studying Community Herbalism with Pacific Rim College, and recently completed the Alchemy of Herbal Medicine Course with Seraphina Capranos, (seraphinacapranos.com), on Salt Spring Island. 
My passion is to bring individuals to their wisdom of self, to their true path in this life, and to walk with them as they discover their own passion...empowering action and transformation at the soul level. I ask that you come as you are as we start the journey together....aligning and balancing the mind, body, and spirit as your own truth unfolds!
I live on a beautiful 10 acre forested property on Salt Spring Island, in British Columbia, Canada, where we hold weekend Retreat Workshops, do 1:1 and group counseling sessions, Forest Bathing/Walks, and Ecotherapy, I also serve people through video and telephone sessions.....
I look forward to meeting and being inspired by you!